Why are your amazing services free?

We built our suite of tools to help people that want to make their communities better. We do not want to impose a financial burden on these people as it will only act as a barrier to community improvement. We thought long and hard about many business models and we think we found the perfect synergy.

People who improve communities generally need help from professionals like roofers, painter, lawyers, etc. There are services out there, such as CraftJack, Porch, and Amazon Home Services, that exist to pair home owners with these professionals. These services charge the professional a significant fee. We think we can do it better.

We’re not huge fans of compromise, we strive for win-win. What if you, the Community Ally user, needed a new roof? Well, log-in to your site, click on the building page, and request some quotes for roofing work. We will only suggest ultra-qualified professionals who have done successful work in your neighborhood. If you decide to use one of our suggested professionals, they will pay us a small finder’s fee. This is win-win-win, you get an amazing new roof, the roofer gets you as a customer, and we at Community Ally get revenue. Hard to beat that!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our business model so never hesitate to reach out to us. Use the contact form on any of our sites or Hello@CommunityAlly.org.

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