Board Role Basics

Need a quick overview of board role responsibilities? Here you go! These can obviously vary from organization to organization. Find what’s required by law where you live and choose what works best for your association.

All Positions

● Enforcement of rules defined in the bylaws


  • Acts as Chief Executive Officer of the organization
  • Presides over meetings of unit owners and ensures they cover the expected agenda items
  • Works in collaboration with Secretary to prepare a proposed agenda for meetings and sends it out to unit owners a set number of days before the meeting for feedback
  • Finds willing members of the organization to perform tasks and assigns them

Vice President

  • Performs all duties of President if President is unable to
  • Handles any delegated responsibilities from any board position or organization needs


  • Handles finances for the organization
  • Deposits membership dues to the organization’s bank account
  • Keeps track of receipts and transactions and makes a summary available on a regular basis
  • Prepares annual budget prior to any annual budget meeting for approval
  • Prepare and file tax returns for the organization


  • Takes notes at meetings of the organization
  • Facilitates distribution of meeting notices, agendas and any other documents requested by unit owners
  • Maintains the electronic document storage and communications mediums

Questions to think about:

  • Should board members be required to own a home in your association? (i.e. can’t just be landlords)
  • Do you want officers to be paid? Is that legal in your state?
  • How many days ahead of your meetings does your state require you send out notice?
  • Who maintains the website?

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