Why Go Premium?

We’ve done our best to make the free versions of Community Ally’s tools as powerful as possible to help people improve their community. Unsurprisingly, there are costs associated with providing these amazing tools. Specifically, storing/accessing your data, sending emails that actually make it to your recipient’s inbox, and powerful bank integrations.

Free Limits

The first differences you’ll “feel” staying on the free plan is:

  • Board/admin users can only send one group email per month. On the free plan, non-admin cannot send group emails. A group email is any of the addresses at the bottom of your “Residents” page.
  • You can only store 50 MB of documents. If you hit this limit we don’t delete any of your documents, you simply are not able to upload any more.
  • No financial tools with bank account integration.
  • Payers pay a 1.6% fee on online payments, instead of 0.8% while on the premium plan.

People love tables, so here’s a summary:

Email1 email per month from a board memberUnlimited
Documents50MB document storageUnlimited
LedgerManual entryAutomatic sync with a bank account
Online Payments1.6% fee on payments (info below)0.8% fee on payments
Email TrackingNoneShows who opened a message
Text MessagesNone10 per home per month

You can view your association’s usage of document storage and email on the Manage -> Settings -> Premium Plan page. You can see more details about the feature difference between free and premium lower down on this page: https://www.condoally.com/features/

Premium Price

The base cost is $1/home or unit per month then $0.50/home over 50. We know some associations list parking spaces as units/homes so if that’s you, just reach out and we’ll adjust the automatically calculated monthly price.

We lose a cut of each sale to our payment processor, so to reduce those fees we’re offering an annual payment plan that equates to you getting a month free, so $11/home or unit per year. You can cancel your plan at any time and get to use the premium plan until whatever date you paid through.

Due to our size and the processor’s payment fees, small groups (10 or fewer homes/units) will need to pay annually or else very little of your payment would come our way to help fund development.

Online Payment Fees

Stripe, our online payment processor, charges fees for processing payments. You can choose if those fees are paid by the resident/payer or the association can cover them. For example, on our free plan, a payment of $100 would incur a fee of $1.60. By default, the payer covers the fee so they’d pay $101.60 and the association receives $100. Or if the association covers the fee, the payer would pay $100, and the association receives $98.40.

So why should you go premium?

Your dollars go directly to improving your experience, adding new features, and supporting our longevity. We’re a small company based out of Denver with the goal to do good for associations and not be greedy.

We built Condo Ally and HOA Ally to help associations do better for their residents and simplify the board’s job. If you’re on the fence about whether to go premium, remember we’re not a faceless corporation. You’ll get a human response any time you reach out. If you feel the premium plan’s price doesn’t reflect the value you receive, reach out, let us know what you think is a fair price. We can help support you, because you help support us!

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