The Stripe Dashboard

The Stripe dashboard is almost too powerful. You can get yourself into some trouble if you start clicking around and adding and editing users and adding editing payments. It’s your account and you can use it how you please, but our suggestion is that you should really only go into the Stripe Dashboard to add additional board members as the board changes and to check on payouts/reports.

Try to stay away from the customers area. Let your residents sign-up themselves and manage their own accounts, otherwise data will get out of sync.

Adding Additional Users to Stripe

Before you call it done, now is a great time to add your another board member, or even resident, to your Stripe account so someone else has access. Login to Stripe and you’ll arrive at the dashboard home page. In the top left, click the gear:

Then click “Teams” near the bottom under the “Team and security” heading.

Then click “+ New Member”:

In this form you can add multiple folks via comma-separated email addresses. Choose the role that makes the most sense for you, but it would be good to have at least another administrator that can step in if you are not around. If you don’t trust certain people, know that the law is on your side and you can legally press charges on folks that misappropriate funds, this is called embezzlement or fraud and is very illegal. Do not rely on us for these matters, only a lawyer knows the proper course of action.

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