Why Can’t I Use Multiple Group Email Addresses or Cc/Bcc?

Did you get the “we cannot send to group addresses in the CC field” or the “cannot send to multiple group addresses” auto-reply to one of your emails? Well, we’re sorry because it’s probably irritating, but there’s good reason, so please forgive us.

One more the most complicated features of Community Ally’s software is the private email system. You can email and reply to your whole association and no one will be able to see anyone else’s email address. We didn’t intend to build this system, it was requested by users like you.

When we go to send out an email to your association, committee, etc. we take your email, then send an individual email to each recipient from a special address. When someone replies to that special address, we know to send that reply back to you or the whole group.

The problem with multiple groups is there no way to properly route the replies. An easy fix would be to setup a custom group address with all the recipients you’re trying to contact. Learn how to do that here.

The problem with CC and BCC is that those fields are made to be copies on emails that get sent out. If we were to add a group email as a CC, all recipient would either get many duplicates of the same email (one for each recipient) or we’d have to expose your actual email address in the CC field, thus undoing all the privacy we’ve tried to build-in.

I know this doesn’t solve your immediately problem, but we hope it helps.

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